About the Library

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The Library was established along with the university establishment in 1995. The Library or university libraries include the Central Library in Khaldeh and the branch libraries in Tyre, Balbeck, and Wardaneih.

Since its establishment, the Library has joined the Lebanese Library Association and the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information. In 2006, it became a member of the Arabic Union Catalog. The Library participates in meetings and specialized workshops locally, regionally and globally.

In 2011, a branch Library was opened in Tyre, and according to the plan of University campus in Wardaniyeh, there will be a separate building with five levels allocated for the University Library.

IUL Library received a Certificate of Appreciation for “excellence in quality” during the fourth conference of the Arabic Union Catalog (in 2011) for its commitment to the standards of cataloging rules.

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Library Vision

The Library strives to provide distinguished library and information services to the university and the global community. It also looks forward to strengthening its role as a key partner in the learning, teaching, and research processes, and as an academic liaison.

Library Mission

The Library provides a dynamic and quality user-centered library and information services that enhance teaching, learning and research, while cultivating lifelong learning skills and promoting human development in line with the university’s strategic planning.

Library Objective

The Library objective is to support the academic community including instructors, researchers, students and staff through providing different types of information resources and quality services that meet international standards, in line with the strategic objectives of the University.

The Library aims at enhancing its role as an essential partner in the process of research and education and as a liaison between the members of the academic community. As such, the Library seeks, with its different logistic and moral routes, to encourage and support reading, intellectual interaction, teamwork, research production and information literacy.

IUL Library adopts and encourages open access to Information and Knowledge.

Library Collection

The Library collection includes more than 30,000 titles, or more than 40,000 items: books, periodicals, audio-visual materials, encyclopedias, dictionaries and other resources. These collections cover all the specialties in three languages: Arabic, French and English, in addition to few other languages.

The Library applies the open shelf system. Library services are managed by the Integrated Library System (ILS) “Symphony” from Sirsi-Dynix and the 3M Radio Frequency Identification system (RFID) for security and collection management.

In addition to the collection classified based on the Dewey Decimal Classification, the Library holds a collection of fiction, in different languages and a collection of Graduation Projects and theses.

The Library also provides a considered number of theses and dissertations with copies in full text via the online catalog.