Our Mission

  1. Improve the quality of higher education.
  2. Place students in student-centered learning environment that promotes economic and social development, with the aim to provide them with leadership skills and engage them in society service.
  3. Promote innovation and the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning.
  4. Adopt modern teaching methods such as classroom learning, distance learning, e-learning, mobile learning, and lifelong self-learning.
  5. Apply universally recognized systems to ensure the quality of education and academic accreditation, both at the administrative and academic levels, and to compete with Arab and international universities. The university aims to build twinning relationships and fruitful partnerships with international universities, on the basis of mutual benefit, in order to:
    • Provide an inclusive learning environment for each “learner.”
    • Implement a continuous professional development programs for leadership skills training in line with the principles of good governance.
    • Reassess the educational and research curricula and programs to enhance quality assurance.
    • Launch new specializations in line with global and market changes.
  6. Implement continuous professional development programs, devise training courses for liberal professions, and prepare for entry into the public domain (judges, notary public, ministries) and all private sectors.
  7. Exchange experiences with Arab and European universities through conferences, workshops, and exhibitions.

Our Vision

The IUL is committed to empowering students to become full citizens responsible for playing an active role in their communities. In this perspective, we advocate for quality education, as well as for the excellence of research and innovative teaching methods that meet international standards in line with the technological development of our time. Our university embraces a culture of values, humanity, and tolerance that enable graduates to serve their community with the knowledge and virtues developed therein.

University Strength

The Islamic University of  Lebanon propagates human values and forbearance to fulfill the ideology and dream of its founders.