President's Letter

Since its foundation, the Islamic University of Lebanon has set forth some best practices for strategic planning to face the challenges of the contemporary world. It has created an academic and research presence among local, regional, and international universities, in line with the development and advancement of tertiary education, recognized by international rating institutions.

Characterized by its cultural peculiarities and multiple branches spread over the Lebanese territory, IUL has been a key factor in establishing a platform, that is conducive to constructive dialog among all community members, and developing a cross-cultural interaction to communicate this unique experience to the Arab world, Europe, Asia and America.

IUL vision 2017-2023 aims to promote the development of the university; to set high expectations for student achievement; to make sure all students perform above expectations in terms of ethics, conduct, and scientific skills; and to enhance their future social roles and contributions towards their country's progress. With this vision, IUL has been able to acquire and share experiences with Arab and European universities. Our university proudly chaired the Association of the Arab Universities, and the Francophone Universities Union in the Middle East (CONFREMO) and is proud to have the base to realize its vision.

The IUL academic, scientific, and research advancement is a collaboration of economic, social, and academic professionals, who are expert at developing societies and identifying the needs of the job market, and of a specialized administrative team, who has passion for using innovative teaching methods, research and management. This collaboration is a core component of the university strategic planning process.

Driven by its mission and values, the IUL will relentlessly carry out its vision and face all the difficulties to achieve its goals by developing, first and foremost, outstanding students, enhancing their creativity, and preserving their dignity.