Career Center


Being in the midst of a challenging and competitive environment, the Career Center at the Islamic University of Lebanon seeks to offer the optimum career guidance and unlimited value openings for students and graduates.

The center provides the best orientation by preparing students to tackle the “professional community”. Throughout our workshops, webinars, seminars, symposiums, and much more, practical and soft skills enhancement is achieved for the IUL community.

The center focuses as well on integrating the applicable knowledge to the theoretical one for each learner. This is realized by ensuring that each student has performed at least one professional internship during his journey at IUL.

On the other hand, the center works to tie strong networks with local and foreign companies. These companies are annually invited to a career fair aiming to gather the industry and NGOs along with our students and graduates. The career fair is considered as the first live contact between students and market representatives for most of applicants that it may bring their well-deserved opportunity.

On behalf of our center and the staff, I am pleased to welcome you anytime to benefit from the utmost experience and start founding your career. What are you waiting for?

Career Center


Open and strengthen communication channels with various groups and sections of the local and external professional community.

Provide students with extensive experiences that contribute to their performance development process through sharing and capturing knowledge among faculty members and students.

Enable students to engage in the labor market.

Career Center






Encourage, train, and qualify students in order to facilitate their access to the labor market and meet its changing needs.

Help students to understand the needs of the labor market.

Organize annual job fairs in which local, regional, and international institutions, companies, and organizations (… NGO, IO) participate.

Enable university students to acquire skills through providing practical experience (Internship) in the public and private sectors.

Organize specialized courses, lectures, and workshops to qualify students to participate in the entrance exams for the public office and the liberal professions (self-employment).

Organize specialized training courses.