Faculty of Engineering

Dean's Message

It is a great pleasure to welcome you at the Faculty of Engineering (FoE), Islamic University of Lebanon (IUL).
Engineering is the way of applying scientific concepts using mathematics and technologies to innovate, design, build, operate, and maintain structures, machines, processes, devices, etc. Graduates from the FoE at IUL are prepared to meet the job market needs by having the necessary hard and soft skills (communication skills, project management, creativity, entrepreneurship, teamwork, and leadership) required to solve real life problems. Graduates from all departments can join the Order of Engineers and Architects (OEA) of Beirut or Tripoli.

The FoE was inaugurated in 1996. It includes five programs: (Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer and Communication Engineering, Food Industry Engineering, and Surveying Engineering). The FoE at IUL was the first university in Lebanon to offer an engineering degree in Biomedical and in Surveying. In addition to these programs, the FoE offers two Master programs: Master in Biomedical Engineering, and Master in Computer and Communication Engineering (Two tracks: Networking and Computing Systems).

The Faculty of Engineering located at the brand new campus of Wardanyeh aims at keeping growing with the ambitious to become one of the most well-known Faculties of Engineering in Lebanon and the region.

Students, parents, and partners are invited to go through the webpages of the FoE to discover our programs and our activities in education, research, and development.



The Faculty of Engineering (FoE) at the Islamic University of Lebanon (IUL) has started its academic activities in 1996.

We are planning to review our current programs and offer new engineering and Master programs which meet the requirements of the job market.

The FoE is emphasizing the teaching and learning through interactive classes and a strong hands-on experience by means of lab courses, summer internship with our industrial partners, as well as through final year projects prepared during the last year of studies.
Our education aims at providing students not only with technical expertise, but also encourage them to have a real sense of ethics, lifelong learning capacities, the ability to identify and solve problems, and the willingness to serve the community.

Our graduates have been able to hold key positions in governmental and private institutions in Lebanon and abroad. Several of graduates from FoE prepared their PhD degree successfully in reputable universities overseas.

You are invited to visit our websites and our new campus in Wardanyeh for any further information.


The vision of the Faculty of Engineering at IUL aims to achieve the goal of advanced engineering education and be recognized for excellence and innovation at the local and international levels.


Our mission aims to prepare graduates qualified to occupy distinguished and leadership positions in the fields of engineering. It also aims to provide expertise to industrialists, the government, and the community through quality education and innovative research, in accordance with the highest international standards adopted in society development industry.

Job Market

The Computer and Communications Engineering Program graduates are prepared to work in various fields related to information systems including the development of software, communication systems, networks and data management, using latest technologies.

The Biomedical Engineering Technology Degree Program graduates are ready to join hospitals, government institutions, and national and international companies. They are qualified for the fields of: Medical Engineering Electronics, Signal Processing, Medical Imaging, Medical Equipment, Rehabilitation Engineering, and Neural Engineering.

Civil Engineering graduates are prepared to work as structural engineers (buildings, bridges, etc.), hydraulic engineers (water resources, fluid mechanics, hydraulic installations), geotechnical engineers (soil mechanics, foundation, shoring and supporting facilities), and transportation engineers.

Surveying Engineer graduates participate in construction and infrastructure engineering activities in urban and rural areas, as well as mapping and monitoring the natural environment. Professional survey services include land boundaries determination, digital mapping, remote sensing, geographical information systems GIS, and regional environmental studies.

Faculty of Engineering


Major Duration of Study Credits Semesters
BE Computer and Communication Engineering 5 years 300 10
BE Biomedical Engineering 5 years 300 10
BE Surveying Engineering 5 years 300 10
BE Civil Engineering 5 years 300 10
Master Computer and Communication Engineering – 2 Tracks:
– Networking
– Computing Systems
2 years 120 4
Master Biomedical Engineering 2 years 120 4