Faculty of Law


The faculty introduces the student to the Lebanese, Arab, and international legal principles and rules that contribute to the refinement of the legal knowledge necessary to approach the issues and problems raised on the local and international arenas, in terms of legislation or comparative studies and international laws. Such has become a requirement after the state laws have interfered with international principles and covenants emphasizing the preparation of students to go through Legal work, locally and abroad, by assigning competent and outstanding professors, adopting the best curriculum and instruction programs, and establishing specialized courses in all legal fields.


Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, was recognized as the origin of major religions by establishing the first law school in the east. The Lebanese have had impressive success in terms of legislation, judges, lawyers, and advisory services. Along with this success came the need to establish the Faculty of Law at IUL, after which a plan was set by competent and skillful experts, who had their legal studies at European and Arab universities, for the development of legal sciences in terms of programs, curricula, and methods. Thus, the faculty has become the focus of students in Lebanon and abroad and graduated outstanding leaders.

The Faculty of Law has always worked to develop knowledge in Lebanese and foreign laws and has constantly urged its students to conduct research and in-depth studies in various legal fields. It has adopted modern teaching methods based on legal and systematic research in interpretation and conflict resolution.

Job Market

Studying at the faculty qualifies students, through preparatory (written and oral) and training courses during their studies and after graduation, to enter legal professions including:

  • Judiciary
  • Law firms
  • Notary public
  • Public sector jobs (head departments in public services)
  • Private sector jobs (institutions, companies and banks)
Faculty of Law


  Major Duration of Study Credits Semesters
BS Bachelor of Law 3 years 180 6
Master Public Law 2 years 120 4
Private Law 2 years 120 4
Business Law 2 years 120 4
PHD Law 3 years 180 6