Prof. Hassan Lakiss

President of the Islamic University of Lebanon

Phone +961 5 807717
Mobile   +961 70 814257


Prof. Hassan Lakiss is a distinguished academic and mechanical engineer, currently serving as the President of the Islamic University of Lebanon. He earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Toulouse (INSAT) in 2000, following a Master’s degree from the same institution and a Mechanical Engineering diploma.

Over the years, Prof. Lakiss has established himself as a prominent figure in academia, serving as a professor at the Lebanese University for over two decades and supervising numerous master’s and PhD theses at prestigious universities in France and Lebanon. His research focuses on composite materials, viscoelastic metamaterials, and wave propagation in periodic structures, and he has published over 30 high-impact articles in prestigious international journals and has a notable h-index of 15, reflecting his impact on the field.

In addition to his academic endeavors, Prof. Lakiss has played significant roles in various governmental and industrial projects. He served as the Minister of Agriculture in the Lebanese government from 2018 to 2019 and has been a consultant for the World Bank and the Lebanese Ministry of Industry. His projects have included the development of wind turbine systems, vocational and technical education assessments, and collaborative research with French institutes on multi-material composite structures. Prof. Lakiss’s leadership extends to his membership in professional organizations such as the Order of Engineers and Architects in Beirut and his active participation in the Lebanese Industrial Research Achievements Program (LIRA). His contributions to engineering education and research have made him a distinguished leading figure in his field.

Hhigh-Impact Published Articles


1996 – 2000

PhD in Mechanical Engineering
INSAT institute (National Institute of Applied Sciences of Toulouse, France)
Toulouse – France

1995 – 1996

Master in Mechanical Engineering
INSAT institute (National Institute of Applied Sciences of Toulouse, France)
Toulouse – France

1988 – 19946

Mechanical Engineering Diploma

Practice Areas

Prof. Hassan Lakiss's practice areas encompass a wide range of fields within mechanical engineering and related disciplines. These areas include:

Composite Materials

  • Industrial applications of composite materials.
  • Acoustic properties and electromechanical systems involving composites.
  • Effective viscoelastic long-range memory effects in composite materials.

Dynamic Analysis and Wave Propagation

  • Static and dynamic response of random fibrous networks.
  • Investigation of the dynamic properties of periodic network materials.
  • Propagation of elastic waves in periodic piezoelectric composites.
  • Nonlinear dynamical analysis and wave propagation in network materials.

Finite Element Modeling

  • Computational modeling using finite element methods for hydraulics, CFD, and structural analysis.
  • Development and application of hyperelastic models for materials.

Viscoelastic Metamaterials

  • Development of viscoelastic metamaterials for biological membranes in collaboration with French institutes.

Technical Education and Industrial Consulting

  • Assessment of technical education systems and development of adaptive education policies.
  • Feasibility studies and design projects for wind turbines and other industrial applications.
  • Consultancy on vocational and technical education projects for organizations like the World Bank.

Research and Publication

  • Extensive research on homogenization methods, wave propagation analysis, and microstructure size effects.
  • Over 30 published articles in high-impact international journals covering topics such as composite structures, sound and vibration, and nonlinear mechanics.



  • President of Islamic university in Lebanon
  • Supervisor of Several Masters and PhD Thesis (Lebanese University UTT France, Lorraine university France).
  • Regular reviewer in international journals in the field of Material and mechanics

2000 – 2022

  • Professor at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Engineering
  • Member of the Board of Directors in solidarity fund for members of the teaching staff at the Lebanese University
  • Member of the Board of directors of Lebanese Industrial Research Achievements Program (LIRA)
  • Development of viscoelastic metamaterial for biological membrane. Project “CNRS-Lebanon” in collaboration with French Institutes

2018 – 2019

  • Minister of Agriculture, Lebanese government
  • Member in order of Engineers and Architects-Beirut

2000 – 2013

  • Consultant to Minister of Industry for two years (2008-2010)
  • Consultant for the Project of Needs assessments for the vocational & technical education, World Bank, Beirut – Lebanon
  • Assuring effective collaboration with the Ministry, with national and international consultants and with national project stakeholders
  • Project plan development and control, resource estimation and scheduling
  • Assessment of technical education, propositions for an adaptive education policy
  • Feasibility and design study of wind turbines (stand alone and connected with grid) for generating electricity by wind. This project is done with collaboration with the Lebanese Syrian Higher Council
  • Development of a system for assistance to the optimal conception for structures of multi-materials composite. Project “CEDRE” in collaboration with French Institutes


Publishing more than 40 articles in international journals with high impact factors in the characterization and development of homogenization method in linear and nonlinear region with wave propagation analysis taking into account the microstructure size effects (Composite Structure, Journal of Sound and Vibration, International journal of Non Linear Mechanics, Journal of Engineering Science, International journal of solid and structure).
  • H. Reda, Y. Rahali, J.F. Ganghoffer, H. LakissWave propagation in 3D viscoelastic auxetic and textile materials by homogenized continuum micropolar models. Composite Structures 141 (2016) 328–345
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