License (Bachelor)-Master-Doctorat


The LMD system, refers to certificates that represent levels obtained within the framework of learning paths, each of which allows the acquisition of a certain number of credits, within specific courses and classes.


It provides flexible learning pathways, academic or vocational, to enable all students to integrate into society and enter the job market.

Continuous Education

Ensuring professional training to public and private sectors through the Career Center (CC). 

Next Generation

It produces a new multi-skilled and multi-tasked generation capable of adapting to a rapidly evolving world.

LMD System

Thus, LMD represents a new system in the higher education ladder, that evaluates students’ competencies development in accordance with the study period of each level:

  • License’s level (L): Baccalaureate Diploma + 3 years
  • Master’s level (M): Bachelor’s degree + 2 years
  • Doctoral level (D): Master’s degree + 3 years