Physical Therapy Department


Physical therapy provides services to individuals and populations to develop maintain and restore maximum movement, and functional ability throughout the lifespan, this includes providing services in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by ageing, injury, pain, diseases, disorders, conditions or environmental factors.

Physical therapy services prevent, minimize, or eliminate impairments of body functions and structures, activity limitations, and participation restrictions. It is autonomous practice that it is solely responsible for the patient's physical therapy diagnosis (which is not the case in Lebanon), that allow a Physical therapy to evaluate and treat a patient without the requirement of the physician's referral or prescription.

The patient need to develop an individualized educational program that will meet the needs of the patient with disability and a multidisciplinary team made up of health professionals: doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists and social workers.

Registration Requirements for

Physical Therapy

  • Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalent
  • Positioning test in English or French
  • Oral interview
  • Entrance exam in Biology
Physical Therapy Department

Job Market

  • Hospitals
  • Private physiotherapy clinics
  • Medical and long-term care facilities for the elderly
  • Rehabilitation centers specializing in neurological, cardio-respiratory, musculoskeletal, burn disease, etc…
  • Sports centers and clubs
  • Patients' homes (home treatments)
  • Teaching (Lecturer/ Instructor)
  • Educational institutions
  • Management / administration
  • Research
  • Supervising and delegating (insurance community)
Physical Therapy Department

Pedagogical Methods

Magistrate presentation


Encouragement of exchanges between students and instructor


Group work: discussion, communication and cooperation between students


Personal work: case study, project, and documentary research


Implementation of interactive teaching and active learning methods


Clinical education: demonstrations and practical applications


Respect for diverse skills and learning styles


Physical Therapy Department

Method of Evaluation and Validation

The lectures evaluation is carried out during the 8 semesters, through:

Individual exams in two phases, comprising a partial mid-semester exam and a final end-of-semester exam, also only a practical exam is in addition for practical lectures.

Evaluation during class sessions (Practical work, Project, Quiz, etc.)

The evaluation of clinical training is carried out through:

An evaluation carried out by the physiotherapist of the training place.

A practical exam performed by the instructor of training place and the clinical training coordinator.

A written report and case study presented by the student at the end of the training.

An attendance sheet for absence percentage.

Each evaluation represents a percentage, the total of which constitutes 100% of the final grade. A second session is possible. However, in case of failure during the second session also, the student will re-register to repeat the failed lecture or clinical training. In addition, enrollment in a lecture or clinical training depends on the validation of the pre-requisite.

Physical Therapy Department

Study Process

The current education system at the Islamic University in Lebanon is a by obligatory presence system. A mark of 10% is attributed to the student's presence in class and their participation, the total of their absences in each course is counted by the information system knowing that if the hours of absence exceed the 20% of the total hours of the course, the student will be in a “drop” situation and therefore will not take their exams. The subject will therefore naturally not be validated in its course of study.

The threshold of tolerated absences for a student in a given course is as follows:

  • Course of 2 credits, 4 sessions
  • Course of 3 credits, 6 sessions
  • Course of 2 credits, 8 sessions
  • Course of 3 credits, 10 sessions

(The time of each session is 50 minutes)

The student will be informed about his absence rate by the coordinator, before reaching the tolerated threshold.

Physical Therapy Department

Clinical Training Facilities

Our clinical program includes seven clinical training courses to develop the clinical and professional skills of the future physiotherapist. During the clinical training, the student is introduced to various physiotherapy practices with patients of all ages, of all pathologies including specific cases such as amputees… in an interdisciplinary context. The student is required to complete his training in different fields with people suffering from musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory disorders.

Clinical internships take place in 43 clinical places with which the university collaborates in the 3 branches:


Specialized Rehabilitation Centers

Specific School For Children With Disability

Private clinics

Tyr Branch

Jabal Amel Hospital

Lebanese Welfare Association for the Handicapped – Sarafand and Tyr

Mosan Center

Dr. Elias Daniel Clinic

Military Hospital

Al Zahraa Center

Lana Al Mostakbal


Hiram Hospital

Mars Center


Dr. Mhmd Zein Clinic


Amal Association


Dr. Ali Alawiyeh Clinic


Primary Care Center


Dr. Hassan Kanso Clinic


Imam Sader Foundation


Dr. Zeinab Hamka Clinic


Singer Center


Dr. Katia Skaiky Clinic


Al Mostafa Center


Dr. Manal Srour Clinic


Elite Medical Care


Dr. Ahmad Kilani center


Al Maraa Al Khairiya Association



Khaldeh Branch

Al Sahel General Hospital

Al Jarha Association

Dar Al Aytam

Scientific Center for Physical Therapy

Bahman Hospital

Dar Al Ajaza


Dr. Abir Al Khatib Clinic

Al Zahraa Hospital



Bourj Al Barajina Municipality Physical Therapy Center

Al Rassoul Hospital



Mazen Ahmadyeh Clinic




Being Well Clinic




Al Sadek Center




Fit Clic Center




Fly Flow Center




Munir Lawand Clinic




Reform Clinic

Baalbak Branch

Ablah Military Hospital

Lebanese Welfare Association for the Handicapped


Dorra Clinic

Dar Al Amal Hospital

Al Jarha Association – Baalbak



Dar Al Hekmeh Hospital




Al Abdallah Hospital