Research Policy & Strategy

During several years, the IUL’s research policy was characterized by the addition of many individual actions and projects. A Research Unit was created in 2012 to respond to the need of a better and institutionalized management. The purpose of this Research Unit is to gather the different scientific endeavors. This unit supports the Publication and Research Center, especially by creating a scientific journal called « The word of the University ».
The year 2017 was a turning-point and the research became a priority within the global strategy of the University.
Our research policy organization is now centralized within the Haut Conseil de la Recherche Scientifique et de la Publication. This institution defined highest action priorities, which are integrated into the University Strategic Plan 2017-2021.
Concerning the research, the IUL suggests to intensify the doctoral training and to support the researcher from the beginning of the research project to the research results optimization. Our institution has to support research excellence in the service of our national economic and social development. Some actions had been identified in that purpose:

The research teams are currently identified within each faculty and integrated into the three research Units of the Haut Conseil de la Recherche Scientifique et de la Publication. A special attention should be paid to the close links between training and research.
Budgets for research are set in view of research projects at laboratory level and are then solidified at research Unit level, before being presented to the scientific Committee of Centre de recherche et de publication scientifiques. There are also human and material resources.
The institution is trying to adopt a research policy pursuing on one hand to prize the research results carried out by our researcher and, on another hand, to put research community through the socioeconomic world. This dual objective is implemented thanks to a follow-up of our researcher’s publications within the Revue de l’Université or in other sources. The IUL intensifies in parallel the provision of services and the research contracts as part of its new policy passed since 2017.
Concerning the provision of services, we can underline the importance of the partnership concluded with the Defense Office of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL). This partnership  provides already some students and researchers to do internship in The Hague, and also to respond to specific consulting requests related to International Criminal Law. On another issue, some analysis and recommendations on different bills and rules – notably concerning consumption and competition – are implemented on behalf to the Ministry of Economy, under a partner agreement concluded in 2017.

The IUL promotes international research projects and many teams participate to research projects with other laboratories and with the NCSR. Many teachers are also Phd candidates in other laboratories and foreign research center, participating in the influence of the IUL and its research. The IUL delivers in average 150 PhD diploma per year.