SDG 1.4.1: Provides assistance in the local community assisting the start-up of sustainable businesses through relevant education or resources

Most of the faculties at the Islamic University of Lebanon have a special program in preparing seminars in order to transfer knowledge to the student through specialized individuals by shedding light on certain topics that simulate scientific developments, inventions and discoveries. The university has also entered into an agreement with EDC, the Education Development Center (EDC) is a global non-profit organization that offers durable solutions to improve education, promote health and expand economic opportunities. Since 1958, we have been pioneers in designing, implementing and evaluating robust and innovative programs in more than 80 countries around the world.

These seminars contribute to teaching the values of citizenship and strengthening them among students, by reviewing the aspects of development witnessed by the educational system in the field of developing citizenship values, and assisting specialists in developing plans and programs and determining development priorities in the next phase, as well as confirming the principle of partnership between workers in the system Education at various levels on the one hand and between civil and local societies on the other hand, and reviewing and evaluating programs and activities in the field of developing citizenship values; With the aim of developing the goals for which they were set and working to achieve them, strengthening the national dialogue on citizenship, monitoring effective national experiences to benefit from them, and proposing a mechanism for their use in school curricula. The symposium on “Education for the Development of Citizenship Values” represents one of the basic pillars from which the Department of Citizenship Programs will be launched in developing everything that would enhance the culture of citizenship values and strategies for its development among young people. Accordingly, the seminars prepared by the colleges in the last five years.

Organizing the endowments belonging to the Shiite Islamic community by issuing the regulations and instructions required to organize the sect’s affairs and manage its charitable endowments of all kinds and purposes in order to ensure the preservation of their eyes and their proper exploitation and the security of the charitable bodies arrested on them. And take care of its affairs such as approving and adjusting budgets and exchange transactions. And constant endeavor and taking measures aimed at improving the general condition of the sect’s members by:

  • Combating illiteracy
  • Combating homelessness
  • Raise the cultural and educational level of private schools and help outstanding students.
  • Taking care of the affairs of youth, workers, farmers and people with limited income.
  • Paying attention to public vital projects, including agricultural, urban, and other projects, and expressing opinion on these projects, including those under study or implementation.
  • Taking care of the affairs of underdeveloped regions and working to raise their level.
  • Creating various social statistics.

Faculty of Economics & Business Administration

In the year 2019, the college’s students participated in the Specialization and Scientific Orientation Exhibition, which was held at the Hadath Complex of the Lebanese University on November 7, 8 and 9. The wide platform dedicated to the college was inaugurated by His Excellency the Minister Muhammad Fneish and the President of the Islamic University Prof. Dina Al-Mawla, and the place of the presentation was divided into two parts, one for the vacation stage and another for the master’s stage.

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Tourism Sciences

On 11/15/2017, the Faculty of Tourism Sciences at the Islamic University hosted Mr. Mohamed Zein, Director of Marketing and Sales at Sheraton International Hotels to give a lecture to new students in the field of tourism and travel specialists, and hotel management, highlighting the importance of these specializations and the need for the labor market for holders of these higher degrees and listen to the students ’questions, as the lecture lasted for an hour and a half on Wednesday.