SDG 11.2.5: Contribution to local arts, in terms of the number of annual public performances of university choirs/theatre groups/orchestras

Professor Dina El Mawla, President of the Islamic University of Lebanon, visited the Cultural Complex of Imam Sadr Foundation in Tyre. She was received by Mrs. Rabab Al-Sadr, a number of members and employees. 

Dr. El-Mawla visited the facilities of the complex where she explored the latest developments and prospects for the coming years. They discussed possible opportunities for strengthening the cooperation between the University and the Foundation for the benefit of students in particular and the public in general. 

With the support of the foundation and the participation of the students in different events, such as choirs and cultural events held to support the projects that are currently being carried out. 

Likewise, IUL supports all events held by Lebanon Valley College. supporting each of the presentations and the students of their institution. Which has a strong tradition in the arts. With numerous performing and visual arts spaces on campus, student organizations are encouraged to share their talents with the community.