SDG 11.4: Sustainable practices

SDG 11.4.1

IUL measures and sets targets for more sustainable commuting

IUL measures and establishes the amount of trips to find strategies to make these trips more sustainable. 

Number of cars actively used and managed by the University 

There are 3 cars used and managed by the university in Wardanieh campus, these cars are used for the shuttle service of the students. 

SDG 11.4.2

IUL undertakes actions to promote the % of more sustainable commuting

IUL carries out different actions to promote more sustainable travel, among them are the following: 

There are 3 cars used and managed by the university in Wardanieh campus, these cars are used for the shuttle service of the students. 

SDG 11.4.3

IUL promotes or allows telecommuting or remote working for employees as a matter of policy or standard practice

As far as its internal organization, IUL adopts the concepts of remote working. In other words, IUL employees can access and control their personnel computers remotely from their home to finish some administrative work needed to be done. Furthermore, they can also access, in real-time, student information to quickly resolve issues and audit students grades to improve their success. 

SDG 11.4.4

IUL provides affordable housing for employees

The Islamic University of Lebanon has 4 campuses well geographically distributed (BaalbackKhaldehWerdaniyehTyre). 

SDG 11.4.5

IUL provides affordable housing for students

Students’ dorms might reduce roads’ congestions and air pollution in its surroundings. For this purpose, IUL is establishing compromises with its neighbors in order to provide students with affordable housing.  

SDG 11.4.6

IUL prioritizes pedestrian access on campus

IUL aims at prioritizing pedestrian access on campus. For this reason, IUL’s Wardenieh campus is completely accessible on foot. In other words, all students can access all buildings and can move between buildings without any means of transportation. 

SDG 11.4.7

IUL works with local authorities to address planning issues/development, including ensuring that local residents are able to access affordable housing

Lebanon hosts the highest number of Syrian refugees in the region. UNHCR estimates that over one million refugees currently reside in Lebanon, in addition to at least 50,000 Palestinian Refugees from Syria (PRS). 

SDG 11.4.8

IUL builds new buildings to sustainable standards

Efficient Energy Appliances and Energy Saving Campaign 

As the campus is newly built and is equipped in 2016, the University has put a policy to use energy efficient electric appliances (rated 5 certified for energy savings), including luminaries where LEDs are used in the whole campus (100%). This will use at least 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting according to US Energy Saver. 

SDG 11.4.9

IUL builds on brownfield sites, where possible

Tyre is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world, though in medieval times for some centuries by just a tiny population. It was one of the earliest Phoenician metropolises and the legendary birthplace of Europa, her brothers Cadmus and Phoenix, as well as Carthage’s founder Dido (Elissa). The city has many ancient sites, including the Tyre Hippodrome, and was added as a whole to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 1984.