SDG 13.3.3: Co-operative planning for climate change disasters

Within the framework of the challenge to the impacts of climate change, the university has been cooperating with the local community, especially with the municipalities, on activities that contribute to adaptation and reducing the risks of climate change, so it organized several campaigns, including the Cleanling Campaign along the southern shore in cooperation with the Union of Municipalities of Tire.

The students of the Islamic University carried out a cleaning campaign along the southern shore, accompanied by the administration and the care of Al-Husseini, and the result was more than wonderful. 

The students of the Islamic University, led by al-Husseini and Sharaf al-Din, were armed with a hygiene kit from brooms, shovels, and bags to collect garbage from the beach or compromising the safety of the marine environment. President of the Union of Municipalities of Tire Mr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Husseini said that he thanks the students ’initiative and salutes their efforts. He hopes that all Tire citizens and Southerners will do what they can to preserve the cleanliness of their areas and the safety of their environment because this is in the public interest of all. 

As for Dr. Majid Sharaf al-Din, he stressed that the university, with its administration, its educational system, and its students, will spare no effort in order to play its role fully, not only as an educational edifice but as a social, academic, cultural and even environmental entity, an entity that leaves bright imprints in the life of this wonderful city.