SDG 13.3.4: Informing and supporting the local or regional government in local climate change disaster/risk early warning and monitoring

Research has been carried out with students that have informed the government on early warning and monitoring of climate change disasters, for example, Mahdi Saleh earned BE and ME degrees in computer and communication engineering from the Islamic University of Lebanon (IUL) in 2012 and 2015. During his master’s studies, he worked with the National Center for Remote Sensing to develop an automated system for measuring snow-covered regions using satellite-based remote sensing products. 

His research focused on electrical sensing and tomographic imaging techniques. For the past few years, he has been working on developing sensing systems to measure the thickness of oil films floating on the water surface during oil spills. This project, funded by the US Department of the Interior, aims to enhance the efficiency of current oil cleanup methods. The results of the project have been published in journal articles and several conference papers. In addition, a US patent application describing the sensor was published in 2019. They are now using the technology to enhance sensors measuring moisture. They received the top award in IFI’s 2018 Climate Change Student Competition for this project.