SDG 16.2.6: Policy on supporting academic freedom

Academic Freedom

Academic freedom refers to the ability of teachers, students, and educational institutions to pursue knowledge without unreasonable political or government interference. 

Academic freedom covers individuals, institutions 

Included within this concept are protecting the right of universities and colleges to engage in all aspects of intellectual activity and a faculty’s autonomy in deciding what and how to teach and what research to conduct and publish. It seeks to promote the free exchange of ideas, scholarly debates, and the search for knowledge. 

Academic freedom encompasses distinct rights for the individual and for the institution. Individual academic freedom protects the individual professor and governs the relationship between a professor, university administration, and external authorities. 

In contrast, institutional academic freedom safeguards the university as a whole from government or other outside interference. It permits the university to select its faculty and to determine areas of study, appropriate teaching methods, and which students to admit. 


HCSRP High Council for Scientific Research & Publication 


High Council for Scientific Research & Publication “HCSRP” is a multi-disciplinary body whose mission is to promote and stimulate research stages at the university, and to ensure its academic and research participation internally, regionally and internationally. Further, it provides studies for governmental and non-governmental institutions in all areas of the Council’s jurisdiction.  

The HCSRP consists of: 

  • Strategic Orientation Council 
  • Scientific Council 
  • Studies and Scientific Research Center 
  • Publishing Center 

The HCSRP consists of three research units, each of which consists of laboratories that bring research teams together in the fields of: 

  • Humanities and Social Sciences 
  • Science & Technology 
  • Law and Political and Administrative Sciences 


  • Activate scientific research and enhance its theoretical and applied levels in all fields. 
  • Work to achieve university research quality. 
  • Link the university research movement with the research centers and laboratories across the world. 
  • Facilitate exchange of information and studies. 
  • Build research capacity of university students and faculty members. 

Sawt Al-Jamiaa 

Since its inception, the IUL established specialized research centers emphasizing the importance of scientific research in enriching the cultural mission of the university, while addressing societal problems and rationalizing effective solutions. 

In line with the status of the university that aims at promoting the scientific research and  establishing periodical publishing peer-reviewed scientific studies, the IUL launched the journal “Sawt Al-Jamiaa” under the decree No. 47 / 2008 date 10/02/2009. 

Sawt Al-Jamiaa” is a semi-annual peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Islamic University of Lebanon. 

Sawt Al-Jamiaa” has published eighteen issues by the beginning-year 2020. The journal’s publications are sent to Lebanese, Arab and foreign universities, as well as cultural and political figures and institutions. 

It is worth mentioning that the journal has succeeded in obtaining the “Arab Citation & Impact Factor (ARCIF)” criteria, which conform to the scientific and international criteria that have more than 31 criteria. 


IUL Strategic Plan



IUL aims to impart knowledge to its students using interactive methods of teaching. It also seeks their participation in the production of knowledge, by contributing to the scientific research movement across Lebanon, the region, and the world. Accordingly, IUL endeavored to develop research centers to contribute to sustainable development. 

IULStrategic Actions for Best Practices 

Examples about academic freedom: 

The Shop on Wheels team, the only representative of the Islamic University in Lebanon and a participant in the Hult Prize platform qualifiers for the first international prize after winning the semi-finals, is honored to invite you to participate in the Info Session aimed at getting acquainted with the idea of the proposed project. We hope everyone will contribute by donating old clothes if possible. How to recycle and benefit from it. 

Therefore, intensive participation is requested tomorrow, Wednesday, 2/10/2019, at one o’clock in the afternoon at the University Complex in Wardanieh 

Graduate Abdullah Al-Mousawi 


Thanks to God Almighty … 
Excellent rating is just around the corner, had it not been for the university’s decision to cancel this degree and its surroundings … but it is an excellent work and deserves that. Thus the Dean of the College of Management, Dr. Hussein Badran, lavished praise and praise for this work and the statistical analysis and treatment it contained. It deserves to be an educational reference … and the result is appreciation and appreciation … 
In this context I would like to thank the Islamic University, which provided us with a valuable opportunity to pursue graduate studies, and I also extend my sincere thanks to the director of the Islamic University, Tire Branch, Dr. Anwar Tarhini, who made me persevere and achieve Continuous. 
My thanks and gratitude and gratitude go to those who accompanied me in this journey of guidance and training, Dr. Hassan Kobeissi, who gave all the necessary constructive ideas and sound concepts, contributed to bringing this work to light … and thanks go to Dr. Fawzi Ayoub and Dr. Hussein Badran, who enriched this Research work with their constructive ideas and observations … 
I also extend my thanks, gratitude and love to my dear colleagues, whom I wish them all success in their educational journey until they attain the highest grades and attain the doctoral degree. Colleague and dear brother of trade union Dr. Fouad Ibrahim, who was a support and supportive person who accompanied me during my masters studies, provided me with a spirit of strength and determination and encouraged me to continue and give … And dear colleague Dr. Qassem Hayek, whose attendance to discuss my message had an important role in encouraging me to continue to persevere …. And dear colleague Dr. Fouad Mansour, who was present with his heart and thoughts and who spared no effort in extending a helping hand and helping me until the completion of this work … 
I also extend my thanks to my professors at the Islamic University, one by one, for the valuable and useful information they provided to us, principles and scientific and educational foundations that contributed to refining and correcting our ideas … and also thanks to my fellow professors who accompanied them during the study of the master’s degree and provided me with their observations and shared the effort and trouble .. 
I also extend my thanks and gratitude to the directors of official secondary schools, professors and students in Tire district for their assistance to me in accomplishing this work. 
Finally, my thanks, gratitude and appreciation to my beloved wife,  who accompanied me on the journey to seek knowledge and instilled in myself the courage and determination to pursue the achievement and continue to give. 
I ask God Almighty to accept this work and make it useful