SDG 17.2.2: IUL has initiated and participates in cross-sectoral dialogue about the SDGs

The Islamic University of Lebanon supports together with some NGOs for dialogue and the pursuit of strengthening sustainable development goals, so that they support these goals through events, strategies.

For example, under the supervision of the Lebanese National Committee for UNESCO, the UNESCO Club was launched through its first project at the Islamic University of Lebanon – Tire Branch, under the title “Sawa”, which corresponds to the first goal of the sustainable development goals “The eradication of poverty”.

The campaign was launched by the students of the club members, and therefore, the university students and the administrative and educational bodies were invited to participate in this volunteer work in order to secure these needs.

Each volunteer will provide the things, books, food and clothes that he does not want to be sorted and distributed to poor families, as their work will depend on collecting information about these families from the municipalities and activities of the region. Then, donation boxes were set up at the university in order to buy food and distribute it to the needy before the holy month of Ramadan. The club will also hold a free summer course for low-income children during the month of July, which we will announce later.

The Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development, Challenges and Solutions concluded its two-day activities, interspersed with various scientific sessions and workshops on renewable energies, geographic information systems, and data on the natural and human environment. It was hosted by the Islamic University in Lebanon under the patronage of its president. Dr. Dina Al-Mawla, represented by the Secretary General of the University Prof. Hussein Badran, and at the invitation of the President of the International Peace Forum for Culture and Science, Prof. Saad Ajeel Mubarak.

The President of the Forum in Lebanon was read by the Dean of the Faculty of Political and Diplomatic Sciences at the Islamic University, Prof. Ramez Ammar the following recommendations:

  • Legislating a law to invest in renewable energies to increase the percentage of their contribution to the total energy and to achieve safe supply of it, as well as to contribute to protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development.
  • Activating the work of government procedures that contribute to the distribution of industries, in order to enhance environmental protection and not deplete its resources.
  • Increasing environmental awareness among community members to preserve the environment and instill a love for nature and agriculture to secure the requirements of food security as an important goal of the sustainable development goals.
  • The existence of a national will capable of carrying out integrated economic reforms and eliminating corruption of all kinds as a step to achieving financial sustainability.
  • Activating the economic policies that encourage ecotourism in the marshlands, with the aim of diversifying sources of income in Iraq.
  • The necessity of working to exploit the available potentials in the production of renewable energy by encouraging research and scientific studies that are interested in this field.
  • Adopting a comprehensive strategy to reduce environmental pollution in the long run and benefit from the experiences of successful countries in this field to achieve the goals of sustainable development.
  • Adopting remote sensing and all information systems in building integrated databases through twinning between universities, starting with researchers in Iraq and the Islamic University in Lebanon.
  • The necessity for the anti-terrorism laws to include penal provisions that are capable of dealing with terrorism occurring in the environment and that indirectly targets citizens.

At the end of the conference, Dr. Mubarak and Dr. Ammar Secretary General of the Islamic University d. Badran is a certificate of participation in the conference, and the President of the International Peace Forum for Culture and Science, Dr. Mubarak presented honorary shields and creativity necklaces in the name of the forum to each of the gentlemen: the conference sponsor, the university president, Dr. Al-Mawla, the representative of the President of the Supreme Islamic Shiite Council, Imam Sheikh Abd al-Amir Qabalan, the Secretary-General of the Council, Mr. Nazih Jamoul, Secretary General of the League. Dr. Hussein Badran, the representative of the Iraqi Ambassador Ali Al-Ameri Amjad Muhammad, the Iraqi Cultural Attaché Suheil Najim Abdullah, the representative of the Director General of Public Security Major General Abbas Ibrahim Brigadier General Salah Halawi, the representative of the Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun Brigadier General Marwan Al-Khatib, the representative of the Director General of State Security Major General Tony Saliba Colonel Areej Karzab.

The forum decided to hold its conference next year, entitled “Sustainable development policies and their modern trends in the midst of contemporary challenges”.

At the invitation of the Islamic University in Lebanon and the cultural movement in Lebanon, the Minister and Deputy Dr. Inaya Ezz El-Din a lecture entitled “Approach to Waste Management: Between Sustainability Principles and Practical Reality” this morning in the university branch hall in Tire, attended by the Secretary General of the University, Prof. Hussein Badran, and the Dean of the College of Political Science and Diplomacy, Prof. Ramez Ammar, the organizational officer of the Jabal Amel region in the Amal Ali Ismail movement, the director of public relations at the university, Dr. Hisham Al-Husseini, educational and social events, heads of municipalities, university professors, students, and interested persons.

Collaborations with non-governmental organizations

Cooperation agreement with Explorance company

The objective of the agreement between IUL and Knowledge E Company DMCC (Dubai based company) is that the latter will facilitate the end-to-end delivery of a 5-day training program including IUL female staff. This program aims to support improved research output and impact at the IUL and through its females. Knowledge E will provide several services to ensure end-to-end delivery of the agreed upon capacity building training for IUL.

Cooperation agreement with French Institute of Lebanon: 2019

This protocol of agreement states that the French Institute of Lebanon is authorized by the IUL, to position its agent within IUL, where she will occupy an office to have the opportunity to receive the public wishing to learn about the activities of the institute and to organize French language courses for all audiences in the premises of IUL. Additionally, the French Institute will be authorized to mention IUL in the advertising documents relating to the French language course and to install a label mentioning the partnership between institute and IUL and bearing their respective logos.

Cooperation agreement with AUF 2017

The AUF has many projects, programs and initiatives in Lebanon for supporting women in various domains.  Some of them include project that aims at supporting francophone women in business, research, entrepreneurship and others.

This protocol of agreement states that the establishments that can host an Information Access Point (PAI) are the establishments of the AUF, according to the site established by its associative council.

The AUF and the IUL in this protocol agree to renew the partnership signed on 12/10/202 concerning the establishment of a PAI with IUL. This agreement cancels and replaces the agreement previously signed. The public of IUL who are authorized to use the services of the access point to the information is made up primarily of regularly registered students, teachers, researchers, and librarians.

Cooperation agreement with AUF 2019

Within the framework of its “digital innovation” project and its A-NEUF program (digital workshops of the francophone university space), the AUF supports university projects emphasizing the reinforcement of skills in ICT especially females.

The contribution of the IUL involves the costs of organizing training sessions: equipment, computer rooms, internet connection and other charges, reproduction of course materials that will be given to trainees. The support provided by the AUF concerns only the expenses relating to the setting up of the mission of the trainers (fees, insurance, transport ticket, etc.)

Cooperation agreement with National association of science and research

Since the National association of science and research is a pioneering association in the field of sponsoring and developing technological sciences and innovation among young people, it annually organizes a science match and an international exhibition of inventions and sponsors the participation of Lebanese inventors, and the IUL aims to advance scientific and technological research and innovation among young people and works to urge the development of academic and research relations with universities and research centers, an agreement has been concluded where the National association of science and research is committed to the following:

  • To grant universities the right to hand the fundamentals award at their central ceremonies
  • To accredit its professors within the arbitration committees
  • To support at least one yearly student researcher so that he is provided with place services, logistical supplies and entrepreneurship training.

In return, the IUL offers annually financial contributions to this association and a full university scholarship for two students selected by the authority from among the outstanding students.

Collaboration with ZIEICT technology company

  • The IUL and ZIEICT technology company agree to jointly work together in the construction of the technologies, products, services and total solutions in all links of the GNSS in the scope of cooperation projects
  • The parties agree to cooperate in the following areas of activities:
  • They establish a GNSS joint laboratory in the spirit of honesty and mutual trust
  • Establish business contacts with interested and potential Chinese and other international companies who are committed to contribute to sustainable development in the scope of cooperation

In addition to cooperation on patents, high-level research papers and other scientific and technological cooperation.

Cooperation agreement with CNRS to support the scientific research project

The National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) has many programs and initiatives to promote and encourage women scientists. Some of them include, “Les Elles de la Recherche” conference organized by the CNRS, jointly with the Dynamic Actions for Women in Research and Knowledge, DAWREK’n and the French National Center for Scientific Research. During the opening ceremony, the director general of CNRS, Mouin Hamzeh, stressed the importance of promoting women in research and their growing role in enhancing research and innovation in Lebanon. CNRS launched the “National Observatory for the Leadership and Empowerment of Women in Research” (CNRS-L) funded by UNESCO Participation, DAWReK’n aims to support Lebanese female researchers in their efforts towards empowerment in the scientific environment, and this in all disciplines of research and innovation (basic sciences and engineering, medical sciences, environmental sciences and agriculture, human and social sciences …). The acronym stands for the Arabic word «دوركُ-نَّ» that can mean both « it’s your role » and « it’s your turn ».