SDG 2.5.1: IUL provides access to food security and sustainable agriculture knowledge/skills/technology to local farmers and food producers

One way of dealing with issues of food insecurity and hunger of students is through the courses that the University teaches in its different faculties. In the educational curriculum, it has incorporated many health and nutrition-related courses in order to educate students in nutritional education and train them on how to face the challenges related to nutrition. Among these courses: Community and public health, Nutrition, Public health and epidemiology, health management and administration, Food, page 3, Culinary Arts page 2, Food Service Lab I page 4, Food Service Lab II page 6, Food Production Lab II page 8, Food and Beverage Cost Control page 10, Food Service Lab III page 12 .

Another way in which the IUL provides access to knowledge / skills / technology on food security and sustainable agriculture to anyone in the community who wants to access is through the Department of Biology and Chemistry.

Murtada signed a memorandum of understanding with the Islamic University: Cooperation with universities stimulates energies to develop agriculture.

What is sought with the agreement is to generate projects that support the farmers of the region in important issues for their context, especially for the regions of Bekaa and Akkar.

Previously, a traditional idea prevailed that the survey department’s mission is limited to the field of organization, planning, and demarcation of borders and real estate. While modern technologies and studies have proven the importance of space in terms of planning agricultural production, plant wealth, and its geographical distribution in addition to the requirements of the environment. This specialty is one of the first specializations that were opened at the university.

The university has a project with a group of surveying engineers, the university graduates in the field of agricultural research and engineering studies on surveying agricultural lands and determining the suitable crops for them. The project is an atlas of agriculture that identifies suitable places to grow certain types of fruits and vegetables.