SDG 3.3.2: Outreach programs and projects in the local community to promote health & wellbeing

When we work together, we can make a real difference.  We know that there is no one person or organization can solve the challenges in our communities on their own.  Sustainable change comes from honest collaboration and strong partnerships that broaden our impact.  That’s why the Faculty of Nursing & Health sciences at IUL is proud to serve as an active member of our community, encouraging our students, staff and faculty get involved and be committed to being engaged and making a difference throughout our community. 

As part of the Nursing and Health Innovation’s commitment to community engagement, we are proud to host A Day of Social Outreach, the annual service initiative for students, staff, and faculty to get out of the office and make a tangible impact with our community partners . A Day of Social Outreach was created to connect the university with the Health Solutions through local community volunteer opportunities. In addition to offering impactful volunteer opportunities to faculty and staff, A Day of Social Outreach provides a mechanism for teams to work together in a unique setting fostering cooperation and collegiality. 


The International Nursing Day 

The International Nursing Day celebration on May 12 each year through an open day in all university branches that includes: (Hemo-gluco test, Lipid profile blood test, ophthalmic test, vital signs assessment)In addition to the education services regarding many health problems are also organized and applied successfully. 

TV Interviews 

Health interviews for children are done by the pediatrician of the faculty team concerning affected health problems among children in Lebanon. Some Interviews for medical purpose done by DR Lina Mortada.  

Special Needs 

Activities of special needs children have a special place in the faculty, attending many of their activities and coordination with the special need societies to ameliorate their education and life style by doing symposium and theater presentation. 

As a conclusion, community training by students in the faculty of health and nursing sciences can reflect the education to the general population related to many social topics in dispensary. They can work with a school nurse in a local school district to do health assessments and screenings for health issues with students. They also can share their knowledge and practice in the primary health care centers to meet client’s health care needs.