SDG 3.3.4: Provide students access to free sexual and reproduction health care services including information and education

Health occupies a central place in SDG 3 (Ensure Good Health and wellbeing for all at all ages). IUL aims to create a community to be relevant with a prosperity in order to meet all staff needs in particular so that “no one is left behind”.  

Promoting reproductive and sexual health is considered to be an essential part of whole public health challenge related to special considerations namely the sociocultural norms and religious values.  

Al Zahraa Hospital University Medical Center 


The Obstetrics and Gynecology Division (OBGYN) at ZHUMC has a diverse team of physicians, surgeons, residents, certified midwives and dedicated nurses. At ZHUMC OBGYN, we coordinate an individualized treatment plan for our patients, with thorough evaluation using latest diagnostic technologies. 
Our OBGYN team provides support and medical care for a lifelong journey, from childbearing age to menopause and beyond. Our team is ready to answer your concerns for all issues affecting women’s lives. We treat medical cases related to infertility, incontinence, benign and malignant gynecologic problems, menopause and many others. 

  • Obstetrics programs dedicated to providing women and babies with expert prenatal labor and delivery, and postpartum care. 
  • General gynecology, with expertise in providing treatments and therapies for contraceptive management, preconception counseling, fertility concerns, and the complete spectrum of gynecologic issues. 
  • Minimally invasive surgery center (operative hysteroscopy and laparoscopy) dedicated to providing individualized and minimally invasive surgery options to diagnose and treat a full range of gynecologic conditions. It also works towards improving our patients’ quality of life, as they are significantly associated with less blood loss during surgery, less scarring, less postoperative pain and faster recovery. 


IUL has an agreement with ZHUMC that supports and agrees with the above information. 


Therefore, strategies are developed at IUL for promoting free reproductive and sexual health access with a special attention to ethical factors, Islamic boundaries and limitations by providing the required services in scientifically appropriate facilities: 

Because, Reproductive and Sexual integration curricula programs are obligatory paid course for only Faculty of Health Nursing students that equip them with knowledge & skills related to reproductive system and sexual health care issues. (Nursing LMD program, Page: 2, Semester III, ID course: NLNC301)

Consequently, Free access for all vulnerable population at IUL community regarding sexuality information and education is supported and ensured by attending free medical advices and consultations visit to Gynecology clinics in case of  any sexual  or reproductive problems. IUL is considered a Referral Institution to The Supreme Islamic Shiite Council that authorized to treat all IUl staff and students at Al-Zahraa Hospital which is a one of the Council institutions.

Regarding Sexual & Reproductive Medical Coverage, all IUL Students benefit from medical appointments and treatment from The Lebanese Committee of National Social Security that ensures safety and wellbeing for whole in case of sexual disorders and other clinical situations. This insurance is funded totally and supported by the university only if the student is officially registered in the university.(CNNSlawnumber14.Page1) 

As a conclusion, since Health sexuality is influenced by cultural, personal, religious, and moral concerns, appropriate Sexuality education has been shown up to help in preventing and reducing the risks of adolescent sexually transmitted diseases among communityTherefore, safe and healthy life style can be trustfully achieved while providing students with the knowledge, ability, and comfortability to manage their sexual health in a thoughtful, empowered and responsible way.