SDG 3.3: Health Impact

SDG 3.3.1

Current collaborations with local and global health institutions to improve health & well-being outcomes

The collaboration with health institutions is essential; it is at the heart of the values of the Islamic university of Lebanon (IUL) and its know-how. University Islamic collaboration aims to foster interactions and understand the needs of staff and students that we seek to meet…

SDG 3.3.2

Outreach programs and projects in the local community to promote health & wellbeing

When we work together, we can make a real difference.  We know that there is no one person or organization can solve the challenges in our communities on their own.  Sustainable change comes from honest collaboration and strong partnerships that broaden our impact.  That’s why the Faculty of Nursing & Health sciences at IUL is proud to serve as an active member of our community, encouraging our students, staff and faculty get involved and be committed to being engaged and making a difference throughout our community. 

SDG 3.3.3

Share sports facilities with the local community for instance with local schools or with the general public

Since it established in 1995, the Islamic University of Lebanon has developed a plan to improve the health of its students and personnel under the category of a healthy mind in a healthy body. To achieve this vision, a big sport facility has been erected to serve the mission. After the establishment of this building, the university noticed the necessity of placing this sport facility under the service of local community and general publics. During the last four years, many local activities have been done especially with schools and other public institutions. After realizing this idea and after the impressive results achieved by the university, there was an initiative to look internationally and the university achieved great results in this regard. 

SDG 3.3.4

Provide students access to free sexual and reproduction health care services including information and education

Health occupies a central place in SDG 3 (Ensure Good Health and wellbeing for all at all ages). IUL aims to create a community to be relevant with a prosperity in order to meet all staff needs in particular so that “no one is left behind”.  

SDG 3.3.5

Provide students and staff with access to free mental health support

Nowadays, guaranteeing the mental health and wellbeing of students in higher education is one of precarious issues in the supporting services.  Also, the demand for supporting mental health among students and staff in our community is considered an open culture in society concerning. Students and staff often experience high level of stress and potential events that need to be managed in the patterns of their daily life. The occasional feelings of anxiety, stress, or mild depression among students and staff should seek help if such feelings affect daily activities over a prolonged period. 

SDG 3.3.6

Have a free smoking policy for the university