SDG 4.3.2: IUL hosts events at university that are open to the general public: public lectures, community educational events

The IUL, and as part of its social and educational responsibility, continuously hosts public lectures and community educational events to improve and enhance lifelong learning at both Ad hoc and programmed frequencies.

IUL is organizing every year different events in different faculties of the university. These events are attended by university instructors, admin, and students as well as by people from outside the university. Different types of events are hosted by the Islamic University of Lebanon during the last five years and were open to general public. We can cite most of them as follows:

Ad Hoc Events

ACIT 2018: The 19th International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT’2018) is a forum gathering scientists, engineers, and practitioners to present their latest research, results, ideas, developments, and applications in all areas of information technology. ACIT’2018 included presentations to contributed papers and state-of-the-art lectures by invited keynote speakers. Tutorials on current issues and special sessions on new trends related to information technology and software industry has been organized. This conference is considered as the official scientific conference for the Colleges of Computer and Information Society, stemming from the Association of Arab Universities.


Hamstring Injury in Sports: it was an event hosted at IUL and organized by the faculty of Health on February 2019. The main goal of this event it was about the light on the latest Rehab Protocol and technology from injury date till return to full activity. 50 people attended this event where 20 from outside the university.

Programmed Events

In addition to the Ad hoc events, IUL hosts programmed event that is open to all the community: IUL Open Day.

 IUL organized every year an open day for all the school students. In general, more than 2000 people visit the university. The schools visit the university based on invitation letter sent by the university to each school (local, national and regional). During this open day, IUL staff and students explain for the students about all the different faculties and the different majors also. The students make also a round in the university to visit all the departments.

On this day, anyone has the right to visit the university to see all the university facilities and its departments and all faculties and laboratories.