SDG 4.3.4: IUL undertakes educational outreach activities beyond campus

IUL, and as part of its education responsibility towards its local community, participate in outside Ad hoc and programmed events in the local and regional schools and also in the governmental organizations to Improve and Promote lifelong learning.

Programmed Events

Every year, many activities organized by IUL staff and IUL students, are making outside the university. Local and regional school visits are the main activities done by IUL staff and students. IUL staff and students visit the local and regional schools every year to demonstrate the different faculties and majors in the university for the school’s students.

Most of national schools host and organize an exhibition for all the Lebanese universities to participate and to demonstrate the different faculties and majors in each university for their students. IUL students and staff participate in these visits and exhibition.

HORECA 2019: participation of IUL staff from the faculty of tourism in HORECA 2019 exhibition. HORECA, Hotel – Restaurant – Catering is an annual trade fair that has become an essential business meeting place for the hospitality, food service and beverage industries. HORECA serves as a platform for young talents to showcase their skills in a variety of competitions that reward creativity and excellence across the different layers of the industry. IUL had a large stand in 2019 and participated through its faculty of Tourism Sciences in two competitions (Art of Service and Burger Competition) and received two silver medals.

The Inter University Programme on International Criminal Law and procedures October 2018-2019.  Our participants visited the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) from 1 to 5 September 2019 as part of a three-day study visit to The Hague. The visit enabled the students who have attended the Inter-University Program on International Criminal Law and Procedure (IUP-ICLP) to see first-hand some of the institutions about which they had been studying (figure 33). Participants were: Mohammad Amro won a free travel ticket and accommodation. Sara Kanaan and Alaa Kenj and Suzan Bedawi.

Participation in the conference on International arbitration and investment contracts hosted by the International Justicce Foundation for Judicial and Diplomatic Studies, on June 28-2019. Participants were: Sara Kannan, Suzan Bedawi and Rouba Bou Khzam.