5.6.1 IUL has a policy of non-discrimination against women

In addition to all the policies and facilities that empower the female student and instructor in the IUL, the latter is led by a female president (Prof. Dr.  Dina Al-Maoula) who has summarized the vision of the IUL towards gender equality in an interview with the army magazine “مجلة الجيش”.

Moreover, some courses taught by the IUL emphasizes the role of Women in Society as the “Business Ethics and Social Responsibility” course conducted in the Faculty of Economics and Business administration.


Equality in rights

  • The IUL does not discriminate in the Leadership positions and academic integration between males and females. It maintains gender equity strategies, where the female has the same right as the equivalent male to take leadership positions and senior academic roles. Female instructors have the same right to be assigned any position, to teach or coordinate any course and to a member in the faulty board as the male equivalent, if she meets the academic requirement for such a duty.
  • The most significant evidence for this strategy is that the leadership of the IUL is assigned to a female (Prof. Dina el Maoula). Additionally, many faculties’ managers, deans, heads of departments, board members, course coordinators, training supervisors are represented by females.
  • The IUL involves a large number of female instructors in all faculties as well as female employees in all administrative departments based on the vision of the IUL of women labour force participation equity. The policy applied for employment is based on the competencies, education, experience, and convenience for the position or course and does not take into account gender identity.
  • All employed females get the same rights on all the domains as the male equivalent. In the teaching domain, they get the same number of teaching hours as the male with the same academic rank, they are granted the eligibility in supervising graduate projects and juries similarly as the male instructors. Moreover, there is a special policy that lowers the teaching burden and the workload for a pregnant full-time female instructor. Additionally, instructors from either gender are subjected to the same rules and conditions for getting academic promotions, and academic training.


  • Female employees and instructors have the same rights in annual vacations, sick leaves, a family member died as the males and which are all paid (Equality in rights, Equality in rights 2) articles 32-34.

  • Moreover, they have some special sick leaves in addition to a maternity leave of 40 days and they are discounted from the annual vacations.
  • The IUL employment policy acts to close the gender wage gap where employees of both genders are equally paid for work of equal value, they have the same privileges for preferment, children salary, health insurance, salary promotions and bonuses, and recompense articles 86-93, articles 29-35.
  • On the sports level, the female instructors, employees, and students are encouraged to participate in similar activities as that of the males. In this context, several female teams are founded in the IUL and participate in various local and national activities. These teams include basketball, tennis, and jogging teams. Several female students have been awarded prizes for ranking in primary positions in races and other activities.
  • Finally, and based on the Islamic view adopted by the IUL towards the female dignity, it applies strict laws in the university that protects the female instructor, employee, or student from any abusive act against her, and it states severe punishment in case of an abusive or violent act against a female more than that against a male.