5.6.3 IUL has a maternity and paternity policies that support women’s participation

Maternity policy

  • There is a special policy that lowers the teaching burden for a pregnant female instructor that could reach a 0% teaching load per semester in the third-trimester of pregnancy. Similarly, the work load for a pregnant employee is also lessened in the advanced trimesters of pregnancy.
  • Both the pregnant employees and instructors that have critical pregnancy cases and advised for home rest, are granted several months of sick leaves based on their case and their doctor health report which are also paid.
  • Every employee and instructor who delivers a baby is granted a maternity leave for 40 days which is paid.
  • The IUL affords family planning services where every new married employee is granted and extra monthly salary as bonus. Similarly, in the case of a new baby delivery, the new mothers are granted an extra monthly salary as a bonus (article95)
  • Furthermore, an extra monthly partial salary and financial aid is added to the mom’s salary for every newborn baby. Under the umbrella of IUL family planning services, every mom benefits from health care insurance for herself, as well as each child and even her husband in case the latter has no health insurance (article96)
  • Additionally, every employed mom benefits from financial aid for paying the school tuition for their children that is equivalent to 75% of the tuition. Moreover, and from its vision of the right of acquiring higher education, the IUL grants a 100 % free registration in any of its faculties. In case the specialty is not integrated within the various faculties of the IUL, the latter affords the children with a financial aid up to 75% of the tuition of another university. (article94)

Paternity policies

  • All male employees are eligible to have a paternity leave of two paid days.
  • An employed father takes advantage from all the family planning services mentioned above similar to that of employed mothers on the level of financial, insurance and educational aids and other facilities.