5.6.5 IUL has childcare facilities for staff and faculty

Free access
Concerning the childcare and new mom facilities, the IUL applies the following policies:

In parallel to supplying financial aids for employee moms for their children education, the IUL delivers childcare facilities where it affords the new mothers with an extra monthly salary as a bonus, an extra monthly partial salary per child that will allow them to pay the nursery tuition of their newborns. Additionally, the IUL held several agreements with campuses nearby-nurseries to afford various facilities for its employed and even student moms for their babies’ registration in the child cares. These facilities include reserving places for IUL employed babies, special tuition reduction, accepting newborns at age of 40 days, and providing other facilities. Moreover, every mom benefits from health care insurance for the newborn baby.

From its conviction of the importance of breast feeding and its principles that the newborns must receive special mom care, the IUL allocates special rooms at the campuses for new moms for breast-milk pumping during the work or study day equipped with a special refrigerator for the milk storage. Additionally, it allows the moms to have special break times during the day that enable them to attend the nursery and breast feed their newborns.