SDG 6.5.1: Educational opportunities for local communities to learn about good water management

The university has adopted the teaching programs of the College of Engineering, Department of Civil and Surveying Engineering, by setting up special teaching requirements that have to do with water management, irrigation methods, and ways to complete the infrastructure. The university has worked to interact with the surrounding area to convince the parents and students to enroll and participate in the educational process. the following courses related to the water management implemented in the university are: 

  • Roads and other networks  
  • Sanitary 
  • Hydrology 
  • Hydraulics 
  • Geology 
  • Irrigation 


As an example the presentation of the Hydrology course is shown: 


Hydrology course 

In the XXI century, water management continues to be as important as it was in ancient times, the imposing aqueducts that have survived to this day indicate the enormous effort that humanity has dedicated to water and that remind us of the importance of this vital resource and scarce. Despite the great importance it represents, its mismanagement and indiscriminate use can lead to a loss of quality and quantity to the point that it cannot be used directly. 

There are multiple environmental and geological factors that determine the availability of good quality water and in sufficient quantity for its use, this forces us to use a methodology applied to surface and underground hydrological processes. This methodology must allow us to determine the water balance of the water management units, their quality with respect to environmental criteria determined by the administration, as well as the economic and environmental dimension of the management of these resources. 

The course is carried out using interactive and high-quality multimedia content as well as multiple practical exercises from real cases. As part of the course, live classes and videoconferences will be held at agreed times, which can be viewed after a delay in cases where it is not possible to attend at the time of the course. 


  • This course is proposed as a combination of providing students with the knowledge associated with the topic raised as well as the use of interactive platforms at our disposal to carry out collaborative work among students. 
  • In this way, the concepts of Hydrology and Management of water resources will be worked on in a transversal way and interconnected with other scientific disciplines.