SDG 6.5: Water in the community

SDG 6.5.1

Educational opportunities for local communities to learn about good water management

The university has adopted the teaching programs of the College of Engineering, Department of Civil and Surveying Engineering, by setting up special teaching requirements that have to do with water management, irrigation methods, and ways to complete the infrastructure. The university has worked to interact with the surrounding area to convince the parents and students to enroll and participate in the educational process

SDG 6.5.2

Promote conscious water usage

SDG 6.5.3

Supporting water conservation off campus

Islamic University of Lebanon support water conservation off campus through on rain water in the main form as an alternative to the water received from the Ministry of Energy at a rate of 80% of use. Noting that the water of wells is not used except in days of scarcity, allowing the rest of the surrounding areas to benefit from the surplus water available.  

SDG 6.5.4

Sustainable water extraction technologies on associated university grounds

The efficiency of water use increases greatly by ensuring controlled withdrawal operations by the presence of valves at all exits on the network with constant maintenance of the pipes. The used water network and tanks have also been provided with an automatic control system (see next figure) to fill the tanks and monitor the daily intake movement. The use of rainwater after treatment as an alternative to using drinking water reduces the need for other resources and provides it to the rest of the surrounding areas. 

SDG 6.5.5

Cooperation with local, regional, national, global governments on water security