SDG 7.2.1: Policy for ensuring all renovations/new builds are following energy efficiency standards

The IUL has adopted the criteria of Green Buildings in Lebanon issued by the Order of Engineers and Architects – Beirut in March 2017, as an energy policy to be used as a reference for future expansion of university buildings, especially the sections related to Energy Efficiency.

The most important topics are the following:

Building Envelope

Buildings envelopes shall be in accordance with the requirements of the “Thermal Standard for Buildings in Lebanon” (TSBL) [1]  issued by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport – General Directorate of Urban Planning – in year 2005.

Reference code / standard: TSBL 2005 available for free download at:

Thermal standard for buildings in Lebanon

Energy Efficiency

It specifies the requirements of the installation of the following HVAC and domestic water heating systems:

  • DX Air conditioners
  • Water chilling packages
  • Fuel Boilers
  • Service Water Heating

Reference code / standard: ASHRAE 90.1 2007 – French regulation RT 2005. Available for free download at.

Artificial Lighting

It specifies the allowed values of the average Lighting Power Density for the interior and exterior connected lighting load. Also all exterior lighting must be fitted with automatic controls to ensure that lights do not operate during daylight hours (i.e. daylight sensor or timer).

Reference code / standard: Ashrae 2007-90.1 or RT 2005. Available for free download at.

Heat Recovery

It specifies the energy that can be recovered from the exhaust gas and / or from the radiator jacket cooling.

Reference code / standard: Ashrae 2007-90.1. Available for free download at.

Insulation on Pipes & Ducts

It specifies the thermally insulation of supply and return ducts installed as part of an HVAC air distribution system, also for piping used as part of cooling or heating water distribution system.

Reference code / standard: Ashrae 2007-90.1. Available for free download at.