SDG 7.2.1

Policy for ensuring all renovations/new builds are following energy efficiency standards

The IUL has adopted the criteria of Green Buildings in Lebanon issued by the Order of Engineers and Architects – Beirut in March 2017, as an energy policy to be used as a reference for future expansion of university buildings, especially the sections related to Energy Efficiency…

SDG 7.2.2

Plans to upgrade existing buildings to higher energy efficiency.

Actually, the university is putting a plan to change non-compliant equipment in existing buildings and to improve the energy efficiency. These improvements include, but are not limited to:

SDG 7.2.3

Process for carbon management and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The university is committed to regulating the total electricity consumption, water, paper and fossil fuels to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by reducing consumption. Moreover, the university is planning to rely on clean energy sources such as solar energy to provide affordable electricity to its facilities…

SDG 7.2.4

Energy efficiency plan to reduce overall energy consumption

The university has put a plan to reduce overall energy consumption and to provide reliable electricity, the plan includes, but is not limited to:

SDG 7.2.5

Undergo energy reviews to identify areas where energy wastage is highest

According to the review undertook by the university to identify areas where energy wastage is highest, old buildings have been clearly categorized as foci of weak energy efficiency. The future renovation of these buildings shall take into consideration the criteria of green buildings to improve their energy efficiency and to increase the energy conservation. Currently, plans are into preparation to:

SDG 7.2.6

Policy on divesting investments from carbon-intensive energy industries notably coal and oil

The university aims to make a difference in minimizing carbon footprint by making an energy transition of a part of its electricity to “green” power. Studies are under preparation to initiate projects to establish hybrid renewable energy systems to produce power from clean renewable sources such as the sun and wind, rather than oil, and using clean fuel whenever possible.