SDG 7.4.1: Programs for local community to learn about importance of energy efficiency and clean energy

The university helps the local community to learn about the importance of energy efficiency and clean energy technology by participating in activities, seminars and workshops organized by the concerned associations and ministries. The following are some examples, but not limited to:

  • In May 2018, the university participated to a workshop held by the Order of Engineers and Architects in Lebanon entitled: “Towards a clean transportation in Lebanon – Electric cars”. The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at IUL Prof. Hassan Noura has moderated a panel session during this workshop.
  • The Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development, Challenges and Solutions, interspersed with various scientific sessions and workshops on renewable energies, geographic information systems, and data on the natural and human environment. It was hosted by the Islamic University in Lebanon under the patronage of its president. Dr.. Dina Al-Mawla, represented by the Secretary General of the University Prof. Hussein Badran, and at the invitation of the President of the International Peace Forum for Culture and Science, Prof. Saad Ajeel Mubarak.

The President of the Forum in Lebanon was read by the Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences and Diplomacy at the Islamic University, Prof. Ramez Ammar the following recommendations:

  1. Legislating a law to invest in renewable energies to increase the percentage of their contribution to the total energy and to achieve safe supply of it, as well as to contribute to protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development.
  2. Activating the work of government procedures that contribute to the distribution of industries, in order to enhance environmental protection and not deplete its resources.
  • Increasing environmental awareness among community members to preserve the environment and instill a love for nature and agriculture to secure the requirements of food security as an important goal of the sustainable development goals.
  1. The existence of a national will capable of carrying out integrated economic reforms and eliminating corruption of all kinds as a step to achieving financial sustainability.
  2. Activating the economic policies that encourage ecotourism in the marshlands with a view to diversifying sources of income in Iraq.
  3. The necessity of working to exploit the available potentials in the production of renewable energy by encouraging research and scientific studies that are interested in this field.
  • Adopting a comprehensive strategy to reduce environmental pollution in the long run and benefit from the experiences of successful countries in this field to achieve the goals of sustainable development.
  • Adopting remote sensing and all information systems in building integrated databases through twinning between universities, starting with researchers in Iraq and the Islamic University in Lebanon.
  1. The necessity for the anti-terrorism laws to include penal provisions that are capable of dealing with terrorism occurring in the environment and that indirectly targets citizens.


At the end of the conference, Dr. Mubarak and Dr. Ammar Secretary General of the Islamic University d. Badran is a certificate of participation in the conference, and the President of the International Peace Forum for Culture and Science, Dr. Mubarak presented honorary shields and creativity necklaces in the name of the forum to each of the gentlemen: the conference sponsor, the university president, Dr. Al-Mawla, the representative of the President of the Supreme Islamic Shiite Council, Imam Sheikh Abd al-Amir Qabalan, the Secretary-General of the Council, Mr. Nazih Jamoul, Secretary General of the League. Dr.. Hussein Badran, the representative of the Iraqi Ambassador Ali Al-Ameri Amjad Muhammad, the Iraqi Cultural Attaché Suhail Najm Abdullah, the representative of the Director General of Public Security Major General Abbas Ibrahim Brigadier General Salah Halawi, the representative of the Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun Brigadier General Marwan Al-Khatib, the representative of the Director General of State Security Major General Tony Saliba Colonel Areej Karzab.

The forum decided to hold its conference next year the title “Sustainable development policies and their modern trends in the midst of contemporary challenges.”