SDG 7.4.1

7.4.1 Programs for local community to learn about importance of energy efficiency and clean energy

The university helps the local community to learn about the importance of energy efficiency and clean energy technology by participating in activities, seminars and workshops organized by the concerned associations and ministries. The following are some examples, but not limited to:

SDG 7.4.2

Promote a pledge toward 100% renewable energy

The university represented by its staff members have participated in several events and workshops to promote the use of renewable energy on country scale, especially that in the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit, the Lebanese government made a pledge to develop renewable energy production capacity to reach 12% of the total electricity supply by 2020…

SDG 7.4.3

Provide services to local industry aimed at improving energy efficiency and clean energy

As the university in its mission seeks to contribute to the development of society, it contributes in many collaborative projects with the Lebanese industry under the umbrella of LIRA projects (Lebanese Industrial Research Achievements). Some of these projects aim to improve the energy efficiency and clean energy:

SDG 7.4.4

IUL participates in policy making at local, regional, national and/or global level to implement programmes and policies to end poverty in all its dimensions

On the level of Lebanon, and based on the vision of the university and the achievement of its goals for which it was established, the “Cultural Committee” in the Supreme Shiite Council, which includes professors and employees jointly between the Islamic University and the Council…

SDG 7.4.5

Provide assistance for start-ups that foster and support a low-carbon economy/technology

The university is always working on projects that have impacts on community sustainability. In this context, the university co-finances a project in collaboration with the CNRS-L (Lebanese National Scientific Research Center) to solve the traffic on Beirut roads, this will directly affect the carbon footprint…