Baalbek Campus

The Islamic University of Lebanon – Baalbeck branch was founded in order to fight, through education, the deprivation that the region of Baalbeck-Hermel has been suffering from since decades.

The university strives to provide superior education that responds to the needs of society and labor market. It also effectively contributes to sustainable development through applied researches and optimal use of modern technologies. Our university is committed to academic excellence and aims to meet the global educational standards. Likewise, it aims at developing highly qualified academic programs, training students with distinguished skills and enhancing the qualifications of the academic staff.

We, at Baalbeck branch, endeavor to launch annually new majors, especially in the fields of research and technology, within the scope of our possibilities. These fields become more precise and more diversified to meet the research needs, compared to the curricula of global universities, through strengthening the quality of education and scientific research taking into consideration the international criteria in accordance with the cooperative academic agreements in Lebanon and the world.

The Islamic university seeks to contribute to the principles of the Supreme Shiite Council in Lebanon which deals with the national coalition and consolidation of the different sects and religions in the Lebanese civil community. We at the Islamic university are committed to providing faith and spreading knowledge as inspiring sources for the nation, the citizen, the state and the society.
Based on the University’s message, we seek that the students at Baalbeck branch will be committed to leadership, personal and civic responsibility, life-long education and good conduct.

We, at Baalbeck branch lend a hand to all civil society organizations for the benefit of our students.

Acquire knowledge

Acquire competencies

Social Responsibility

Human behaviors

Promoting social connectedness of the students to their country




Baalbeck branch was inaugurated in the academic year 2014/2015 starting with six faculties, After four years, Baalbeck branch launched the school of graduate studies (Master’s degree) in the Faculty of Law and Faculty Business Administration.



These majors aim at developing the student’s analytical spirit and critical thinking. Likewise, they broaden the student’s horizon to new scientific paths, organize scientific and rigorous research to meet the Lebanese labor market, taking into account fostering the student’s personality and creativity, and keep pace with technological developments.

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Bachelor degrees in:
Accounting – Management – Administration – Information Management – Banking and Finance

Master degrees in:
Business Administration MBA – Masters in Hospital Management – Masters in Educational Administration

Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences

Bachelor degree in:

  • Translation

Faculty of Sciences and Arts

Bachelor degree in:

  • Graphic design

Faculty of Nursing Sciences

Bachelor degrees in:

  • Nursing sciences
  • Physical therapy

Faculty of Law

Bachelor degrees in:

  • Lebanese law (4 years)
  • Law (3 years)

Master degrees in:

  • Public law
  • Private law
  • Business law

PhD degrees in:

  • Public law
  • Private law

Faculty of Engineering

Bachelor degrees in:

  • Civil engineering
  • Telecommunication engineering