SDG 16.2.7: Publication of university financial data


Scholarship and Financial aid is granted to: 

  • Orphans 
  • Siblings 
  • Distinguished students 
  • Military & Police 
  • Special needs 
  • Social Cases 


Merit-based scholarships are awarded to bachelor’s degree students as follows: 

  • Outstanding high school students75% 
  • High school students with very good academic performance50% 
  • Students who occupied first rank in public or private institutions50% 
  • Outstanding IUL students (excellent academic performance)50% 
  • IUL students with very good academic performance25% 


Masters Scholarships 

The President of the Islamic University of Lebanon, Prof. Dina Al-Mawla, His Excellency Professor Eng. Suhail Najm Abdullah, the regional cultural advisor in the Iraqi Cultural Department in Beirut, at the university’s headquarters in Khalde, in the presence of the Secretary General of the Supreme Islamic Shiite Council, Assistant Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Nazih Jamoul, and the Director of Student Affairs, Dr. Ghadi Moqalled, and means of strengthening bilateral relations were discussed. 

Dr. Abdullah, Dr. Al-Mawla, a book that included the names of the candidates who were selected for scholarships at the master’s stage at the Islamic University of Lebanon, received from the Department of Scholarships and Cultural Relations – Department of Studies outside Iraq of the Ministry of Higher Education. 

The Islamic University in Lebanon expressed its desire to offer scholarships to outstanding students from the brotherly Republic of Iraq, which has embraced them for many years and considers them dear children who enjoy distinguished academic care and administrative and social follow-up throughout their studies and residence in their second home, Lebanon. Accordingly, the Ministry of Higher Education in brotherly Iraq has selected a group of distinguished students in the fields of engineering, administration and law to pursue studies at the Islamic University in Lebanon. 

She also praised Dr. Mawla, for this valuable initiative on the part of the Ministry, welcoming the outstanding students, and pledging that it and the academic and administrative team at the Islamic University will be at their service in upholding higher education and the university’s contribution to the academic and scientific renaissance in Iraq. 

In turn, he thanked Dr. Suhail Najm Abdullah, the initiative of the Islamic University, praising its pioneering role in higher education and what the university offers to Iraqi students, and praising the university’s website for Iraqi students, and the ministry in particular. Najm Abdullah conveyed the greetings of His Excellency the Minister and Director of Missions in the Ministry and His Excellency the Ambassador of the Iraqi Republic in Beirut. 

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