SDG 11.4.3: IUL promotes or allows telecommuting or remote working for employees as a matter of policy or standard practice

As far as its internal organization, IUL adopts the concepts of remote working. In other words, IUL employees can access and control their personnel computers remotely from their home to finish some administrative work needed to be done. Furthermore, they can also access, in real-time, student information to quickly resolve issues and audit students grades to improve their success. 

During the pandemic situation, the university has used the MOODLE platform to let instructors to work remotely so they can register students, teach and grade easily. 

The Presidency of the Islamic University in Lebanon announces the suspension of lessons and administrative work and the continuation of suspending lessons in compliance with the decision issued by the Council of Ministers the evening of 3/15/2020, provided that work begins to implement the remote e-learning system according to a mechanism determined by the Informatics Department in direct contact with students to provide them with the necessary instructions.