Language Center


In this accelerated age, our connected world is witnessing transformative changes that have not only affected society as a whole, but have also affected industries and businesses. Business challenges caused by these changes have made language proficiency a necessity rather than an option.

The language Center at the Islamic University of Lebanon provides students, instructors and staff with languages proficiency for the betterment of their career opportunities. It offers a wide range of courses designed to develop English and French language skills while integrating grammar and vocabulary in learner-centered classes. Further, the Language Center offers training courses with appropriate and reliable language capabilities for professionals and corporate groups in order to facilitate cultural communication and exchange of knowledge.

The Language Center program is endorsed by the partnership with the British Council (BC) and the French Institution (IF) affiliated to the French Embassy. This partnership not only plays a key role in qualifying the IUL students for their academic studies and future professions, but also qualifies the Islamic University of Lebanon to host international language exams like IELTS.

At the Language Center, the experienced and culturally diverse faculty together with the latest technology and comprehensive materials contribute to an effective teaching and learning environment where students acquire not only the mechanics of the language but also the discourses and contexts in which it is used. In summation, the Language Center exists to prepare students linguistically, culturally, and academically for success at the Islamic University of Lebanon and beyond.

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Language Center


The vision of the Language Center is to qualify students, staff, and professors with language proficiency, to improve career prospects and enable active citizenship.

Language Center


  • Promote effective teaching through continuous curriculum improvement.
  • Develop student abilities and learning skills by adopting new technology, enhanced teaching, and learning approaches.
  • Carry out continuous assessment to meet the university language proficiency requirements.
  • Empower students as full participants in the university community through outstanding performance in language and study skills.
  • Provide students and faculty members with quality services to fulfill their needs and goals.
  • Provide teachers with workshops and seminars to enhance performance.
  • Provide students, instructors and staff with intensive courses.
Language Center


In collaboration with the British Council (BC), the Francophone University Agency (AUF), Institut Francais (IF) affiliated to the French Embassy, and in conformity with the Common European Framework, the Language Center enforced the following criteria:

  • All students are required to sit for a placement test to determine their level.
  • All first-year students are required to complete level B1 by the end of the first year. Otherwise, they have to attend an intensive summer course.
  • All students are required to sit for an Exit Exam before graduation to determine their level according to their degree requirements.
  • Students who fulfill this criteria will be awarded a certificate from the IF and BC.