SDG 11.2.4: Free public access to open spaces and green spaces

IUL is aware of the relevance of green areas so the Wardeniyeh campus has been designed to be a sustainable and green campus. Moreover, IUL ensures the accessibility to green spaces and pays special attention to the conservation of those areas. Moreover, the insurance of public spaces’ accessibility is on the plan of IUL. To illustrate, the stadium can be used by its neighbors free of charge with all its accompanying facilities.  

IUL gives special attention to green spaces which cover an important part of the campus’ area.  

IUL is determined to be closely intertwined with its local environment. Also, access to the buildings, library, and green spaces are for the public according to a list of invitations. So our university is always ready to host anyone on a condition that gets prior approval and its free access. 

In all the campus areas and large grass areas, several varieties of flowers and some grass areas are cultivated. The total green area (AG) distributed between the area of forests, grass and plants is equal to 13145.24 m2, while the total area of the IUL wardanyeh campus (AC) is equal to 158413.9 m2. 

The IUL campus showing the abundance of trees, and other vegetation areas that are the areas allocated by Greenhouses where a large number of vegetable spices are being planted. 

The following Figure shows the total campus area of Wardanieh campus which is about 158413.9 m2. 

The total area of the campus covered by trees (forest) 𝑨𝑻 is about 76526.5 m2. 

Therefore, the percentage (PTC) of total area covered by trees (AT) to the total campus area (AC) can be calculated using the below equation as: 

A large number of these trees are fruit trees of several types as date, olive, pin, pomegranate, banana and guava trees. 

Another part of the green areas is dedicated for vegetables in parcel 265 with an area of 3637.1 m2. Another part which is dedicated for implantation using green houses in parcel 262 and has an area of 24242 m2. Thus the total area for vegetation equals 27879.1 m2 

Therefore, the percentage 𝑷𝑽𝑪 of total area for vegetation (𝑨𝑽) to the total campus area (𝑨𝑪) can be calculated using the below equation as: 

In addition to expanding the green areas outside its buildings, IUL have implanted green areas inside each of its buildings which also enhances the air quality within these buildings.