Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center


“Working with students over the past years made us realize just how much talent and creativity could go uncultivated in the absence of proper framework. Unquestionably, founding the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center at the Islamic University of Lebanon serves a rather decisive and compulsory objective; an objective that nurtures the spirit of creativity nationwide and unfastens the gates to welcome innovators of tomorrow.”

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center


The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center will serve to promote the culture of innovation and to produce an entrepreneurial environment not only at the Islamic University of Lebanon but also nationwide. This would help translate the ideas of young entrepreneurs into reality, and thus create products or services of outstanding commercial value that allow the university and its students to have effective access to the labor market. It would contribute towards offering solutions to problems related to poverty, environment, technology, sustainability, and renewable resources of energy in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center





The Islamic University of Lebanon established the Entrepreneurship Center with the aim of:

Developing the concept of entrepreneurship, spreading its culture, and supporting youth capabilities to achieve innovative and developmental ideas, and to help transform them into profitable and socially effective small and medium businesses.


Enhancing job opportunities for graduates and supporting them by creating an environment for communication and interaction with companies and organizations.


Supporting students' technical capabilities by creating suitable training opportunities for them in the labor market and within the context of their academic education.


Increase the spread of the concept of continuous development and its application in the work environment, and work with internal and external partners to analyze the reality, identify needs, and provide appropriate workshops and training courses.


Celebrating the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation and joining the list of global innovators and job creators who launch the startup and bring ideas to life.