Academic Tutoring Center


The Academic Tutoring Center was established in alignment with the vision of the Islamic University of Lebanon, which aims to secure high-quality education for students by providing all the needed academic services following internationally approved standards.

The main role of the tutoring center is to guide IUL students throughout their education journey and guarantee their success at all academic levels.

Hence, the ATC leaves at the disposal of IUL students a structured mechanism for providing scholarly guidance, and equips students with the needed skillset and tools to resolve any obstacle that they might encounter.

At the Islamic University of Lebanon, Students will always have someone who listens to them and supports them throughout their academic journey.

Academic Tutoring Center


The vision of the Tutoring Center at the Islamic University of Lebanon is to help students make a smoother transition to University life by providing them with academic guidance and counseling.

Our goal is to support students during their studies, foster integration, and promote their success in Bachelor and Master’s degree.

Issues and obstacles that students may face at the University are handled by establishing communication and cooperation channels between students and academic staff.

Academic Tutoring Center





The mission of the Tutoring Center at the Islamic University of Lebanon is to ensure the success for all students, and to promote the equal opportunity between them.

The Tutor will supervise the students by identifying their problems and providing appropriate answers. Such a support will be conducted until all academic problems and issues are resolved.

The Tutor will also orient the students during their studies to enhance their academic performance.

The tutoring provides support for the students during their studies, until they find solutions to their academic problems and issues.

Academic Tutoring Center

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